Champagne made to be served over ice cubes? Blasphemy!!

Move over Champagne SNOBS! – The reputable house of Moet Chandon has released several versions of just that – high quality Champagne made specifically to be served over ice, in cocktails, or swirled with fruit.

Made to associate the customer to carefree days on the Yacht in the south of France, these Champagnes are referred to as ‘Disco Champagne’, and marketed in frosted, ‘campy’ bottles evoking ‘luxurious fun in the sun’.

Moet Ice Imperial, distinctly fruity, rich, fresh and available at your local wine shop, (along with a fairly good variety of competitors) is made using the highest quality ‘Method Champanoise’ completing the secondary fermentation (bubbles) in the bottle.

Moët reformulated their product for the Ice Imperial. Because sugars are perceived as less prominent when consumed cold, they produced a Champagne with more sugar (about 45 gm per liter as opposed to 12g per liter for the most predominant Brut (dry) style) with the promise that it would offer a ‘unique and thirst quenching taste’.

Drink these refreshing Champagnes in regular full sized wine stems with plenty of ice.

Look for other ‘Ice Champagne’ competitors including ” Veuve Clicquot Rich”, or Pommery’s Royal Blue Sky.