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We love helping wine lovers learn more about their passion. Here we have assembled several answers to the most commonly asked questions. But if we haven’t covered yours… please feel free to contact us.

Do I have to become a member?

Membership is not required to access many of the value-laden benefits of Joie De Vin. Many people enjoy our blog, wine news, wine travel trip announcements, and access to our Facebook group, all provided free of charge.

What does the online course cover?

We offer two levels of learning via our online courses. One is perfect for the home enthusiast who wants to increase their practical knowledge when it comes to purchasing, serving, storing and consuming their favorite fermented beverage. Our SommSuccess® Advanced Courses offer in depth coverage of wine making, wine grapes, wine regions, how to taste and serve wine, wine & food pairing and much more.

What comes with my membership?

We offer two levels of membership. Basic Enthusiast and ‘Wine Geek’ membership levels provide a host of services for any budget.

The Basic level includes unlimited access to our Basic SommSuccess® classes, discounts to our monthly online interactive tastings, Advice articles and interactive dialogue – ‘ask the expert’, a host of wine travel information including discounts on custom trips to some of the world’s best wine regions.

The Wine Geek level includes all access of the Basic membership plus bigger travel discounts, unlimited access to our SommSuccess® Advanced online Classes and free access to all of our monthly online interactive tastings.


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