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Our online SommSuccess® wine classes present basic and advanced information for you, the wine enthusiast. These fully online classes present foundational information that helps build your knowledge and enjoyment of wine.

Our online classes are fun, interactive and educational.

You can purchase one or more wine classes. Or, purchase a membership for all of them.

Wine At Home

Learn how to buy, store and serve wine for your guests at home.

Wine At Restaurants

Learn how to order the perfect wine for your meal.

Wine At The Liquor Store

Learn what to look for when buying wine at the liquor store.

Serving Wine

Learn to read wine labels, serve wine and what faults to look for.

Wine & Food Pairing

Learn Simple “Never Fail” Concepts to a Perfect Pairing.

Where's the Wine?

Introduction to the Great Wines of the World (Old and New).


Introduction to Wine and how it is Made.


We'd love for you to join our membership community!  By becoming a member, you are connecting with others who have a passion for wine and food. Membership gives you access to insider information and help you up your wine knowledge:


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The Enthusiast membership level includes:

  • Unlimited access to our SommSuccess® classes
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  • Wine travel information including discounts on custom trips to some of the world’s best wine regions


Here's what some of our consistent wine tasters recently told us:

"I can recommend wines to strangers in the liquor store"

I was standing in front of the wine section at the grocery store when the man next to me said, "Hey, do you know anything about wine?" After a moment's hesitation, I thought - yes, yes I do! So I said it. "Yes, I do. What are you looking for?"

I was able to send him on his way with a yummy cab sav for less than $10 -- and I realized how much I have learned at Joie de Vin's Virtual Wine Tastings!  Then I grabbed the New York State Riesling and went on my merry way. Good wines to be found in lots of places!


"Never before have I received so much value from one website!"

I signed up for the monthly membership thinking, 'what have I got to lose?'. And what I discovered was a wine lover's paradise!

I love the online courses, and can't wait to join the next virtual wine tasting. I learn something new every day from this membership!


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