Virtual Wine Tastings

Our Virtual Wine Tastings are a great way to meet with us each month for our unique tasting experience! These topic-focused sessions introduce you to some affordable and approachable options to the more commonly known expensive wines.  Our goal is to introduce 3-4 wines each priced in the $15-$25 price range. These tastings help build your confidence and widen your experience because we introduce wines that you give you great value at reasonable prices.

What to Expect in a Virtual Wine Tasting


Virtual Instructor

Carol  guides the tasting providing insights into the wine, the region, and the pairings.



Using a Zoom meeting room, as a student you can ask questions and contribute to the conversation and learning.


This is an online virtual classroom. As a student, you also interact with other students and learn from their contributions.


Online Reference Materials

When you register for the tasting, you receive information about the wines and suggestions for food pairings. You can also use these reference to build your personal wine reference.

Topics for Monthly Virtual Wine Tastings

Wine Evaluation

July 14, 2021 Components Exercise – What do you Smell/Taste?

In July, it’s time to get ‘Technical’! But let’s have fun with it!!
Using elements of nature that are often smelled and tasted in wine, we will compare them to 3 iconic wines.
We will investigate what each smell and taste comparison tells us about the style and quality of the wine.


August 11, 2021 - Tasting the Styles of the Alsace, France

The food and the wine of Alsace is  a bit of a mish mash that combine traditions from Germany and France. The grape varieties like Gewurztraminer and Riesling dominate the area but in Alsace they are produced in a very different style. Two words can pretty well sum up Alsace even if there is much more to know: “Dry Riesling” Alsace wine will change your perception of a traditionally sweet Riesling.


October 13, 2021 Wines of Rioja, Spain

Rioja wine is the wine produced within the limits of the wine region with the same name in Northern Spain. Regulations define not just the area where Rioja wines are produced, but also from which grapes, the yield per vine, viticulture practices, as well as winemaking practices.

south africa

November 10, 2021 Wines of South Africa


December 8, 2021 Celebratory Bubbles: Cremants


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Here's what some of our consistent wine tasters recently told us:

"I can recommend wines to strangers in the liquor store"

I was standing in front of the wine section at the grocery store when the man next to me said, "Hey, do you know anything about wine?" After a moment's hesitation, I thought - yes, yes I do! So I said it. "Yes, I do. What are you looking for?"

I was able to send him on his way with a yummy cab sav for less than $10 -- and I realized how much I have learned at Joie de Vin's Virtual Wine Tastings!  Then I grabbed the New York State Riesling and went on my merry way. Good wines to be found in lots of places!


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