Virtual Wine Tastings

Our Virtual Wine Tastings are a great way to meet with us each month for our unique tasting experience! These topic-focused sessions introduce you to some affordable and approachable options to the more commonly known expensive wines.  Our goal is to introduce 3-4 wines each priced in the $15-$25 price range. These tastings help build your confidence and widen your experience because we introduce wines that you give you great value at reasonable prices.

What to Expect in a Virtual Wine Tasting


Virtual Instructor

Carol  guides the tasting providing insights into the wine, the region, and the pairings.



Using a Zoom meeting room, as a student you can ask questions and contribute to the conversation and learning.


This is an online virtual classroom. As a student, you also interact with other students and learn from their contributions.


Online Reference Materials

When you register for the tasting, you receive information about the wines and suggestions for food pairings. You can also use these reference to build your personal wine reference.

Topics for Monthly Virtual Wine Tastings

Italian White Wine

August 12 - 5pm MDT - Great Italian White Wines

With a rich history of grapes brought by ancient peoples, Italy has more native grape varieties and more types of wine than just about any other place on earth. For August, we will taste some great alternatives to Pinot Grigio

Old World corks

September 9 - 5pm MDT - Cabernet Sauvignon

For September, we will compare Cabernet Sauvignon wines from Old World and New World wineries.

Zinfandel Wine

October 14 - 5pm MDT - Zinfandel

For October, we will taste Zinfandel wines.


November 11 - 5pm MST - Beaujolais - NOT Nouveau

For November, we will take an in-depth look at Beaujolais. Most people are familiar with Beujolais Nouveau. As a result, you may not have a very high opinion of these wines. In this session, we will explore some really great wine that most Americans don’t know anything about!

December 2020 - 5pm MST -Fortified and Sweet Wines

Discover the splendors of good quality fortified and dessert wines. Taste 4 world famous, affordable sweet wines and how well each pairs with your favorite chocolate treat.


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